Digital reverb Impulse responses (IRs)

These IRs have been created by me and are free are charge, but may not be resold or included in commercial software without my permission.

I recommend using these IRs in Liquisonics Reverberate for accurate results.


  • “RS” – Room Size
  • “diffusion” – Diffusion
  • “live” – Liveliness
  • “warm” – I noticed that after the units were powered on for many hours the sound changed – this label may not always be accurate

An approximate continuous control of the liveliness parameter can be made by loading live0 and live10 into the two IR slots in Reverberate and using the mix control to blend linearly between them.

Yamaha REV7

Program 5 – ER1

Yamaha REV7 ER1 Mode 1 – 96khz [.zip pack]

Yamaha REV5

Program 5 – ER1

Yamaha REV5 ER1 SHALL_96khz [.zip pack]

Yamaha SPX90


Yamaha SPX90 ER1 Hall_96khz [.zip pack]